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We transform organizations and build momentum toward the mission

We Deliver Improvement

It’s simple: we are in business to make things better.

Built around the principles of Lean Six Sigma and Organizational Change Management, JJR’s Improvement Solutions find the most efficient and effective ways forward. By advancing the missions and capabilities our clients, we make a difference.

Together, we create momentum.

“I was very impressed with JJR Solutions’ ability to ‘hit the ground running’ on the first day of the contract. Your team’s ability to respond quickly saved us countless man hours and ensured that we had a successful merit review cycle.”

–Rebecca Crawford, Contract Officer Representative for the VA Office of Research and Development

Lean Six Sigma

We make sure every dollar, every resource is going toward your mission.

Our team applies the most current principles of Lean Six Sigma and statistical process control to save resources, while simultaneously improving quality and outcomes. We combine our Process Development skillset with expertise in digital, agile, and emerging technologies to deliver accessible and scalable solutions.

Organizational Change Management

A rocky roll-out can kill ROI.

We don’t let that happen. JJR Solutions helps organizations adopt new processes, tools, and initiatives smoothly so the business can realize their intended goals.

Client Outcomes

How We Hit The Target

VA Office of Research and Development: Merit Review Support Services Program

The VA Office of Research and Development (ORD) oversees thousands of research projects that are critical to Veteran and family health. On day one of the contract, JJR Solutions had 100 percent of its staff ready to go. We helped the ORD standardize processes, metrics, and reporting mechanisms to help it award more than $500M annually. Following a 3,000-line integrated master schedule, the ORD processed more than 2,000 award applications for 30 programs in 2016. That involved 116 review panels and travel coordination for 1,700 scientists, all in compliance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

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