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We make things happen. We are experts at HELPING YOU execute large-scale, high-stakes programs

We Deliver Management

We get things done, people.

JJR’s Management Solutions utilize the most up-to-date Project Management and ISO standards to manage sensitive, large-scale and complex projects. We sweat the details, so you don’t have to.

Together, we make a great team.

“…Our efficiency and successful performance in support of EMS (Education Management System) was the single biggest reason the program did not get cancelled during sequestration deliberations. The program office was able to clearly communicate the efficiencies achieved through the systems we were maintaining and the uniqueness of our team’s skills and knowledge. JJR delivered all required deliverables on time, on cost, and according to specifications.”

–Air University Contracting Officers Representative

Acquisition Management

We don’t judge.

We help evaluate purchasing and modernization decisions, and support planning efforts to help you predict, prevent, and tackle challenges. At JJR Solutions, we listen. We don’t judge. We focus on finding the best solution for your entire enterprise.

Grants Management

The more efficiently dollars are distributed, the more good they can do.

We bring order, speed and transparency to complex and highly regulated granting programs. Our team commits to your long-term vision, and uncovers ways to continuously improve.

Program and Project Management

We manage IT and non-IT programs using the prescribed PMBOK and ISO standards.

No project is too big or too small – we set the same high standards for every engagement. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience. We’ve organized hardware, software, money, people…You name it, and we’ve moved or managed it well.

Client Outcomes

How We Hit The Target

VA Office of Research and Development: Merit Review Support Services Program

The VA Office of Research and Development (ORD) oversees thousands of research projects that are critical to Veteran and family health. On day one of the contract, JJR Solutions had 100 percent of its staff ready to go. We helped the ORD standardize processes, metrics, and reporting mechanisms to help it award more than $500M annually. Following a 3,000-line integrated master schedule, the ORD processed more than 2,000 award applications for 30 programs in 2016. That involved 116 review panels and travel coordination for 1,700 scientists, all in compliance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

B-2 Bomber Modernization

For decades, the B-2 stealth bomber has served as a multi-role, heavy payload workhorse for our Armed Services. As a partner on the Defense Management System modernization effort, we are working on the most extensive modification effort the bomber has undergone. Our mission is to preserve the aircraft’s stealth advantages while keeping our war-fighting machines safe from modern air defenses. Using a commercial agile software development process, JJR Solutions is shrinking the cycle time for development – which helps keep the U.S.’s technologies ahead of its enemies.

Air University: Education Management System

Through software development, sustainment, and management activities, JJR Solutions improved and managed multiple Air University (AU) systems and the AU web portal. Over the past 10 years, we used a variety of software and hardware solutions to automate and support student management functions. We ensured data standardization across seven data systems, encompassing everything from student registration and course management to distance learning collaboration. We also built and conducted user-based trainings, and communicated changes to reduce user issues.

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