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Our employees repeatedly name JJR as a best place to work. It’s also a great place to learn, grow, and have fun.​

As a member of the JJR Solutions Family, you can expect:

A Challenge

We solve really tough and important problems facing our nation’s health, well-being, and security. This isn’t easy work, but it is rewarding.


We support your career development — not job readiness. JJR University provides a formal path for mentorship, leadership training, and skill expansion for our employees so they can grow and lead with us throughout their careers.

To Be Heard

We ask team members for feedback and put their ideas into action. A lot. You can count on your leadership team to seek feedback, listen, learn, and respond.

To Make a Difference

The work we do directly impacts the health and security of our communities. We serve an important, unifying purpose.


We take the work seriously, but not ourselves. We genuinely enjoy working together. We also love potlucks, community service, local restaurants, and the cities we're in.

To Serve

We believe deeply in giving back, and we aspire to lift our community as we grow. Our Employee Care Committee organizes our support for charitable causes.

To Be Recognized

We say “thank you” whenever we can. Each year we present an employee with a “Do It Now Dummy” award in honor of retired USAF Major General Carlos Perez. He valued making a decision, being accountable, and doing what was right — with an emphasis on “doing.”

To Be Respected

We place tremendous importance on promoting diverse thought, celebrating individuality, being in relationship, and supporting each other’s success. We value ALL people — all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, abilities, veteran statuses, and backgrounds. Everyone.

To Have A Life

We started JJR Solutions because we thought it was possible to do great work and still see our family and friends. We definitely work hard. But we also recognize the need to recharge in order to do our best.

Let’s Work Together

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