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We create cloud-based, human-centered software as well as transformative enterprise data management solutions to help clients meet changing mission requirements.​

We Deliver Digital

We build, manage, and secure the digital tools that enable your organization to deliver on its commitments in an increasingly volatile environment.​

JJR’s Digital services leverage Agile DevSecOps for rapid creation of human-centered applications, transform your enterprise data efforts into an integrated solution, and keep your systems safe through cyber resiliency.

Together, we can redefine what’s possible.

“Use Case 1 was such a success that we have built great momentum for all of our data efforts going forward! Thank you for you and your team’s outstanding support to our efforts!”​

—Client in the U.S. Space Force


Our human-centered software development approach incorporates security into the process from the start while continuously integrating and delivering capability.​

You need a human-centered, secure, cloud-based software solution — fast. Our DevSecOps approach integrates security from end to end of the development process and saves time on complex software projects of all kinds by quickly identifying and addressing program risks. You get greater visibility into the design process and ultimately have a successful, human-centric product in hand sooner.

Enterprise Data Management

It’s all about the data – keeping it visible, accessible, understandable, linked, trusted, and secure so you have it where and when you need it.

Like never before, the pressure is on to integrate and manage immense amounts of data from an array of sources. We help you build and maintain an enterprise data management structure at the right scale and level of granularity for your organization, ensuring you have the meaningful, integrated, and reliable data needed to improve readiness and mission success.​


We protect our nation and the weapon systems that keep our country safe.

In a world of persistent cyberthreats from adversaries of all kinds, you need a resilient system to keep your organization effective and capable. We’re committed to delivering secure IT, equipment, software, and services to keep you mission-ready.

Client Outcomes

How We Help Clients

Don’t take our word for it! Contact us if you’d like to hear more directly from our clients.

B-2 Bomber Modernization

For decades, the B-2 stealth bomber has served as a multi-role, heavy payload workhorse for our Armed Services. As a partner on the Defense Management System modernization effort, we are working on the most extensive modification effort the bomber has undergone. Our mission is to preserve the aircraft’s stealth advantages while keeping our war-fighting machines safe from modern air defenses. Using a commercial agile software development process, JJR Solutions is shrinking the cycle time for development – which helps keep the U.S.’s technologies ahead of its enemies.

NexGen IT: Office of the Air Force Civil Engineer

JJR Solutions helped the Office of the Air Force Civil Engineer replace legacy systems and upgrade to the latest technologies available. During the execution phase of the NexGen IT effort, we affirmed the veracity of data sources and profiled data from 400 sources. We used Lean Six Sigma tools to streamline the conversion work stream, resulting in an on-time, on-budget data conversion for the rollout to 190 Air Force bases.

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