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We leverage Lean Six Sigma and human-centered design to bring transformative efficiency and adaptability to organizations.​

We Deliver Improvement

It’s simple: we are in business to make things better.

Built around Lean Six Sigma and Organizational Change Management principles, our Improvement services lead clients on an efficient and effective path forward. We make a difference by advancing their missions and capabilities.​

Together, we create momentum.

“The PMO optimization team conducted a series of interviews, observations, and analyses to develop a transformation roadmap to bring the Program Office to its most efficient operating state.  … The customer is incredibly pleased with the speed, effectivity, and efficiency of the team.”

—Client in the U.S. Air Force​

Human-Centered Design

We put the end user at the center of our design efforts to ensure the final product fits their needs.​

We dig deeply into the end user’s experience, asking the right questions up front to ensure we’re understanding and addressing their real needs. Combine this with our iterative approach for ideation and prototyping, and the result is an innovative solution that saves time and money for our clients.

Lean Six Sigma

We make sure every dollar, every resource is going toward your mission.

​Our team applies the most current principles of Lean Six Sigma and statistical process control to save client resources, while simultaneously improving quality and outcomes. Our Lean-certified specialists ensure our adaptable solutions result in maximum efficiency and performance.

Organizational Change Management

We help organizations do what doesn’t come naturally — navigate change.

Change isn’t easy for anyone, but it’s vital if an organization is going to grow and succeed. We help formulate and execute strategies for organizational change, leveraging best practices to help people adopt the processes, tools, and initiatives their organization needs to realize its goals.

Client Outcomes

How We Help Clients

Don’t take our word for it! Contact us if you’d like to hear more directly from our clients.

VA Office of Research and Development: Merit Review Support Services Program

The VA Office of Research and Development (ORD) oversees thousands of research projects that are critical to Veteran and family health. On day one of the contract, JJR Solutions had 100 percent of its staff ready to go. We helped the ORD standardize processes, metrics, and reporting mechanisms to help it award more than $500M annually. Following a 3,000-line integrated master schedule, the ORD processed more than 2,000 award applications for 30 programs in 2016. That involved 116 review panels and travel coordination for 1,700 scientists, all in compliance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

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