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We employ advanced analytics to synthesize data
and provide better information for decision-making.

We Deliver Insight

You collect and store data. Our Insight services put it to work.

Using advanced analytics, business intelligence tools, and data quality processes, we help clients uncover data on things like performance, cost, schedule, risk, and deficiencies. We derive what you need so you have the best possible information for critical decision-making.​

Together, we illuminate the best plan forward.

Advanced Analytics/AI/ML

We go beyond reporting and dashboards.

At JJR Solutions, we use predictive models and machine learning to highlight your risks, opportunities, and winning strategies. Our analysts and data scientists help determine “what if?” and “what’s next?” so you can find issues before they become problems.

Business Intelligence

We bring confidence to
your decision-making.

Our team is skilled at drilling down into the data you have and presenting the information you need. We make sure your information remains accurate, current, and accessible.

Data Quality

We keep data quality high to give you a trustworthy information source for making decisions.

With the expertise of our master data quality managers, we help clients maintain data completeness, consistency, accuracy, and timeliness — even as the volume and complexity multiplies. Clients save time and money and have more accurate data to support their decision-making.

Client Outcomes

How We Help Clients

Don’t take our word for it! Contact us if you’d like to hear more directly from our clients.

NexGen IT: Office of the Air Force Civil Engineer

JJR Solutions helped the Office of the Air Force Civil Engineer replace legacy systems and upgrade to the latest technologies available. During the execution phase of the NexGen IT effort, we affirmed the veracity of data sources and profiled data from 400 sources. We used Lean Six Sigma tools to streamline the conversion work stream, resulting in an on-time, on-budget data conversion for the rollout to 190 Air Force bases.

NASA Safety Center: Technical Excellence

Using machine learning techniques, JJR Solutions helps NASA rapidly uncover key insights hidden within its massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. We apply mission insight to predict and prevent safety events associated with maintenance.

Let’s Work Together

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