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Our SBIR contract vehicle is a rapid way to address your urgent needs.​​

We Deliver Speed With Purpose

It’s simple: We want to help you accomplish your urgent needs quickly.​

Our Phase III Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract vehicle radically speeds up your acquisition process. It also gives you access to our human-centered design and transformation tool, called Magnify©, which can optimize your team, structure, knowledge base, and ability to deliver on commitments. ​ ​

Our SBIR is the perfect combination of speed and purpose.​

Speed With Purpose

We execute SBIR contracts quickly – our average time from RFP to award is less than a month.​

Clients with urgent needs call us because we are experienced in setting up SBIR contracts and know how to save significant acquisition time. Our Phase III SBIR, combined with our contracting experience, help you achieve rapid results.

Human-Centered Transformation

Our Phase III SBIR brings a people-centric approach to planning, design, and transformation.

Our Phase III SBIR tool, called Magnify©, places people right at the center of the problem-solving design process by focusing on their problems, goals, needs, thinking, emotions, and behavior. The results are effective processes and solutions that make your team’s job easier.​



Magnify© is where the magic happens. Our experienced staff members gather qualitative, quantitative, and technical data from a variety of stakeholders and use Magnify© to carefully analyze the numerous human factors involved in the project. Magnify© successfully delivers outcomes for a wide range of needs, such as:​

Strategic Analysis and Planning​ | Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis |​ Prototyping and Development​ | Organizational Transformation​ | Operations and Sustainment

Some of the ways our clients have benefited from Magnify© are:

  • Office Standup and​ Governance
  • Streamlined and Improved Operations
  • Specialized Software Tools​
  • Vital Artifacts (Standards, Dictionaries, Curated Catalogs, Dashboards, Checklists, User Guides)
  • Acquisition Strategy and Execution (Section 804, OTA)
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation Roadmaps​
  • Authoritative Data Source; Situational Awareness
  • Data Management Policies
  • Data​ Governance
  • Cost Savings Due to Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness ​


Any Federal agency can use Phase III SBIR.

The Government gets to sole source while still receiving competition credit.

There are no limitations for subcontracting; a sub can perform more than 50% of the work.

Funding can come from any non-SBIR source, and there is no limit on dollar value.

Phase III can be a direct award, BOA, IDIQ, or TO.​

Work can involve supplies or services (e.g., products, production, research).​

Phase III SBIRs can be any contract type (FFP, T&M, CPFF, etc.).

Any number of teammates can be involved – no business size limits.​

Any agency can receive small business and SDVOSB credit by awarding to JJR.​​


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